About Us

Nordic Blue Designs is a one-woman operation run by Sofia Deer, a half-Swedish self-taught designer who resides in Montana. Besides being an enthusiast of Scandinavian design and traditions, she noticed a void in the market for affordable but high quality home goods that met her standards of sustainable living. Before long, she was brainstorming a line of home goods specifically designed to reduce the environmental impacts of textiles.

Our design ethos is to make practical, timeless home goods that are consciously-crafted in the best interests of people and the planet. In practice, this means choosing plastic-free materials, hand-making products in small batches, and reducing waste in manufacturing by upcycling material scraps. For the future, it means looking into our supply chain and investing in environmentally-friendly product packaging.

This product line is for people wanting to take the next step in living sustainably beyond choosing reusable mugs; to tackle textile waste and fast fashion in a tangible way. We know well that textiles are an essential part of living, but also believe that you shouldn't have to feel guilty about environmental impacts of what you buy.

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