How Purchasing Handmade Products Aids the Sustainability Movement

Choosing handmade products is sustainable in many ways, as long as they're also consciously crafted.

Less Environmental Impact

Handmade goods don't use as much energy to make, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint per product. Everything we sell is crafted in the USA.

Supports Makers and Communities

Shop small, even online. Buying handmade means you're supporting local makers and communities whose jobs depend on their craft. Spending mindfully has far-reaching impacts.


No two pillows, aprons, or rugs are alike, but that doesn't mean they're low quality. Take pride in knowing that your purchases were made with love by makers who care about what they craft.

Transparent Supply Chain

Perhaps the most important part of a handmade good is making sure that sustainable practices happen from the start. Nordic Blue Designs is actively looking into our supply chain to ensure that our suppliers uphold similar values to ours. This involves even our packaging, which we can proudly say is supplied by Ecoenclose, who work hard to make recycled or recyclable packaging a reality for many businesses.