Sustainability Sundays: Travel Toiletries

by Sofia Deer

There are two types of way we seem to travel with toiletries:

1. The uber-minimalist-- toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant and nothing else.

2. The average 20-something-- Along with a lumpy toiletry bag that's practically bursting at the seams, there's an accompaniment of ziplocks are sticky from exploded conditioners and creams, and yet, they're used again because explosions will inevitably happen...again.

There is an alternative for the second type of traveler, however, that avoids the horror of finding cream smeared across your suitcase.

The cadence capsules.

Perfectly engineered to fit 17ish toothpaste tabs / a week's worth of face oil that won't leak everywhere / pills in a discrete manner, these beauties are game-changers. 

  • magnetic sides keeps lid close for safekeeping while open and creates a "honeycomb" when you have multiple capsules
  • a sealed lid and perfect thread ensure no leakage
  • comes in customizable colors and labels
  • partially made of recycled plastics and production scraps in the USA 
  • transparent about their goals and mission to make the world less wasteful and traveling much easier